A Nice Surprise

One of my photos has gone viral. Sort of.

I took this photo back in June where there was a nice conjunction of the crescent Moon, Venus, and Mercury. I posted it on my Flickr site and it got aboutĀ a hundred views.


But a couple of days ago a Reddit user named tombh photo-shopped the Andromeda Galaxy into the photo in such a way that showed the galaxy if it were brighter. Here is that version.


There was an interesting discussion on Reddit about it here.


I thought the interest in the photo had died down, but I was very pleased to see that Phillip PlaitĀ had seen the photo and even wrote a nice article on his blog and credited me.


I can only say that I am glad my photo was used for this very interesting discussion. I used Creative Commons licensing on my images, and this is one of the reasons I believe in Creative Commons. The photo now has over 3,000 views and I am grateful for the credit that was given both on Reddit and by Dr. Plait.